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Last summer, there was discontent  in the college football landscape as a record number of teams were choosing to head to greener pastures.  The Big Ten added Nebraska, the Pac-10 added Utah and Colorado to get to the Pac-12, the Big East added TCU, the Mountain West added Boise State, and the list goes on.

Now, we are looking at the potential for round two to the madness of last summer as Texas A&M could be heading to the SEC.  In addition, rumors are circulating that Florida State could be headed there also.



When Nebraska decided to join the Big Ten and the conference decided to split the league up into two sub conferences, (the Legends and Leaders) one of the many topics discussed was where should the Big Ten football championship game be played. While many venues have been discussed, the final two destinations will be between Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis or at Soldier field in Chicago. While Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany already decided the first year of the new B1G conference championship game will be held in Indianapolis, Chicago gave a good push to host the game in the future.  The decision on the future destination of the game could be made as soon as this Sunday.

The Big Ten Presidents are set to meet this Sunday at league headquarters in Park Ridge, Illinois and the future of the league’s championship game for 2012 and beyond will be discussed.  After discussing the pros and cons of each stadium the Presidents will vote individually and hopefully come up with a verdict.

Each Stadium has the potential to host a great championship game and they both feature different obstacles.

Lucas Oil Stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium is the more conservative choice here. If the game is held in this venue it will likely be played indoors even with the retractable roof option. The stadium is also in the middle of the city with hotels and restaurants all around the venue.  This would definitely be the safer choice.


The commissioner of the Big Ten, Jim Delany, is lobbying with the major TV networks on trying to negotiate the start times for Big Ten games next season. Delany is working hard on trying to push the early games back one hour from 11a.m. starts to 12 noon.

The rest of the games would also get pushed back to 3:30 p.m. and or 7 p.m.

The 11 a.m starts in college football are either loved or hated by most fans. The 11 a.m starts clearly take away from the extra tailgate time but then again the games also get done early enough to get back to your tailgate and watch the rest of the games around the country.

The other argument for changing the start time to noon was that it gives the fans that have to travel several hours to their favorite teams stadium, more time to travel. I however disagree with that statement because honestly what is a one hour difference going to do? I live 6 hours away from Iowa City and we always leave Friday. In fact we leave Friday even if the Hawks play at 7p.m. Saturday night. Getting to Iowa City Friday night just enhances the pre game experience.

You also have to look at the fact that the later the games are the later the fans are going to get home unless you live far enough away where you will just stay the night in your respective city.

It doesn’t matter what time the game is, the die hards will be there.