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Unless you have forgotten to pay your cable and/or internet bill for the last several months, you all should know the situation that the Ohio State football program is currently enduring. You also should know that one of the most highly respected on winningest head coaches in the NCAA was forced to resign when it was known that Jim Tressel knew some of his players had broken NCAA rules and he did not report it for more than nine months.

After Tressel’s resignation he was surrounded with  support from current and former Ohio State athletes. Current and former coaches around the NCAA gave Tressel loads of respect by posting on their twitter pages are they complimented Tressel when asked to comment on the situation.

incoming freshman who were recruited by tressel also displayed respect for their Tressel, until it was taken away from them. Freshman football players at Ohio State displayed wristbands on their wrist that said “JT” which stands for Jim Tressel. Two days later the freshman who thought they were proudly respecting their university’s former coach, had their wristbands taken away after their compliance department thought the wristbands could be an NCAA violation. The players were refunded money for their wristbands while the compliance department is looking into the matter. The wristbands were worn at a news conference Wednesday. When the players turned in their wristbands they were refunded $15, the price they paid the OSU staffer who made the wristbands. (more…)


Dane Sanzenbacher could be one of those undrafted free agents we talk about for years to come

Dane Sanzenbacher led his Ohio State Buckeyes in receiving in 2010. He tied the record for most touchdown receptions in a game in week four in 2010. He was a team captain and MVP for the Buckeyes in 2010 and oh by the way, he wasn’t taken in the 2011 NFL draft. Why? I’m not really sure. On the bright side, he did agree to terms with the Chicago Bears as an undrafted free agent after being contacted by 25 of the 32 NFL teams.

Sanzenbacher was one of the most valuable undrafted free agents this year and he also took less money to be with the Bears. Sanzenbacher turned down a $20,000 signing bonus from one team and accepted much less from the Bears because he thought they offered a good opportunity to make the team and he considered himself a good fit for Mike Martz’ offense.

At 5’11 182lbs Sanzenbacher may seem small to play at a high level in the NFL but I don’t always like to look at measurables to judge an athlete and their ability to perform. Sanzenbacher excelled at a high level in the Big Ten and out played a lot of Big Ten secondaries. The Big Ten has some of the better defenses in the country so with that exposure for the last four years of his life, that should lead him to success in the NFL. (more…)

From the time Ohio State football program was caught red-handed by the NCAA for the memorabilia-for-cash scandal that cost former coach Jim Tressel his job, Ohio State has been more than cooperative with the NCAA. Today, that cooperation continues as they decided to vacate all 2010 victories including the 2011 Sugar Bowl the Associated Press reports. 

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State says it’s vacating its wins from the 2010 football season, including the Buckeyes’ victory over Arkansas in the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Responding to NCAA allegations over a memorabilia-for-cash scandal that cost former coach Jim Tressel his job, Ohio State says Friday it also is waiving a $250,000 fine it had imposed on Tressel and changing his resignation to a retirement. Through the school, the ex-Buckeyes coach says that he is taking responsibility for the NCAA inquiry, which developed after it was learned Tressel failed to report players receiving improper benefits.

The university also is imposing a two-year probation period on the program, which means there would be harsher penalties if any further wrongdoing is discovered.

With the Buckeyes being so cooperative, you would have to think the NCAA will be fair with their tradition packed program, or at least that’s what Ohio State is hoping for.


Newly hired agent Drew Rosenhaus held a “press conference” regarding former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Tuesday afternoon as Pryor begins his image rehab and road to the NFL. Rosenhaus has nothing but glowing reviews for Pryor, as one might expect, as he threw to fellow Rosenhaus clients Donte’ Stallworth (Ravens) and Chad Johnson (Bengals) in a short session as somewhat of a pro day for whoever will watch.

Rosenhaus really talked up Pryor in the short presser:

“I’m very excited about this process,” Rosenhaus said. “When there is a supplemental draft, look for him to go early. Right now, people can say what they want. We both have something to prove. There’s no doubt. I believe in this young man. He’s going to be a real asset to the National Football League. I hope that the people at Ohio State will embrace him in the future, will forgive him and will give him an opportunity to come back. He said to me, ‘Drew, I’m going to be a Buckeye for life.’

“I expect [Pryor] to be a first round pick,” Rosenhaus said. “Middle rounds for this guy?”


Braxton Miller has big shoes to fill in Columbus. He is more than capable of making the Buckeye faithful forget Terrelle Pryor

Ohio State has been surrounded with loads of controversy and negative publicity over the last couple of months, but let’s get back to the gridiron. The Buckeyes are going to have big holes to fill offensively, especially at the quarterback position where the departed Terrelle Pryor has left a giant void at the most important position on the field. The Buckeyes will also have to find a replacement number one receiver (and number two with Dane Sanzenbacher graduated), and a replacement couple of running backs. Not to mention, the key to the offense, the engine that makes it run–former head coach Jim Tressel–is going to have to be replaced.

A giant help (literally) is going to be having two All-Americans on the offensive line, though only for the second half of the season. Right now, the Buckeyes are a hot mess, and they will enter the season with a roster full of question marks and a lot of uncertainty.

How can they overcome it all?

Well, Ohio State is going to need a lot of help from their version of “The Replacements” and this series will take a look at some of the guys expected to take over starting positions for B1G teams.


Terrelle Pryor not interested in Canadian football, will reportedly pursue NFL via the supplemental draft

Terrelle Pryor’s attorney Larry James says the former Ohio State star quarterback will not pursue a career in football up North in the CFL:

“They sent the package last night, I forwarded it to Terrelle and Terrelle said that he wasn’t interested today,” James said.

“He did not go into discussion. He just said he’s not interested in the Canadian Football League. Obviously the offer was not sufficient to whet his taste buds.”

Pryor will ultimately pursue the NFL, a wise move for him though he needs to be eligible for the supplemental draft first, which he eventually will according to James. Pryor’s camp is now waiting for a letter from Ohio State declaring that he would be ineligible to play football, thus making him eligible for the supplemental draft process.

Quarterback coach George Whitfield compared Pryor to Panthers’ top overall pick Cam Newton:

“Cam Newton and Terrelle Pryor are comparable,” Whitfield told ESPN. “Terrelle is a guy who is going to want to improve his mechanics and there’s no evidence to suggest he can’t. Cam seemed to have more confidence in his arm strength. But the tools and the ceiling for those two are comparable.”

Pryor has ended his career as a Buckeye according to multiple reports and confirmed by the university on Tuesday.  With Pryor’s exit, Ohio State must find a QB to fill the gap.  The question is who: will it be the youngster Braxton Miller? Or will it be the grizzled back up Joe Bauserman?

If Tressel was still the coach, I would be putting money on Bauserman, but under new head coach Luke Fickell, I am not so sure.  Bauserman would be the safe bet here, and serving as Pryor’s back up for the past three seasons, he would be ready for his chance.  However, Miller would be a true changing of the guard in Columbus.