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Big Ten Football Mashup

Posted: August 18, 2011 by Austin Bramley in Big Ten Football, Conference Expansion, Recruiting

This is a big season for Big Ten football. Nebaska joins the conference and Ohio State gains negative attention on the football program. Austin Bramley and Sayre Bedinger discuss various topics regarding Big Ten football in this Big Ten Nation Podcast


Last summer, there was discontent  in the college football landscape as a record number of teams were choosing to head to greener pastures.  The Big Ten added Nebraska, the Pac-10 added Utah and Colorado to get to the Pac-12, the Big East added TCU, the Mountain West added Boise State, and the list goes on.

Now, we are looking at the potential for round two to the madness of last summer as Texas A&M could be heading to the SEC.  In addition, rumors are circulating that Florida State could be headed there also.