Hawkeye Fans Giving Captain Kirk Undeserved Grief

Posted: September 15, 2011 by Austin Bramley in Iowa Hawkeyes Football

This week in Hawkeye football, fans are doing what they do often after a loss
and that is, play the blame game. After a loss to in state rival Iowa State, the
fans of the black and gold are putting it all on Ferentz for playing
conservative, as if they expect him to change his style after 12 seasons at
Iowa. He won’t change his style, he will leave before he changes it.

Eventually, if fans don’t lay off after a bitter loss, Ferentz will leave and
I wont blame him. As a Hawkeye fan myself, I can say that our fans are way too
rough on him. He is conservative and most of the time it works to perfection.
Ferentz has taken the Hawks to bowl games eight of the last nine years including
two BCS Bowl appearances. He lead the Hawks to two Big Ten titles (2002, 2004)
as well as won himself the national coach of the year in 2002. I could go on an
on about milestones that captain Kirk has achieved but that’s a separate article

Iowa has one of the greatest football coaches in the country, if he wasn’t he
wouldn’t have the milestones in the above paragraph or the respect from Bill
Parcells, Bill Belichick, Scott Pioli and others.

When was the last time the Hawks have been blown out? I can’t remember. Now
if you would ask me when the last time Iowa has lost in a close game I could
give you a list. Personally I would rather lose close than get blown out.

Ferentz’s style sets the hawks up for great success, you have seen it as much
as I have, when it works it works. But when it doesn’t, we still have a chance
to win. We never get blown out of the water. His style will never change. He
will leave before it does. I’m sure he will make some adjustments now after
seeing how bad his defense played last week. I expect the Hawks to look like a
brand new team next week because of Ferentz. I’m not in favor of one of the
greatest coaches in program history leaving. Are you?


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